Lamination Film Bag

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We can print virtually any substrate and would include polyethylene, cast polypropylene, BOPP, PET, nylon, and many others. Wild series combines heat resistance and sealability for food packaging and process foods, powders, and liquids while maintaining shelf life.

Lamination width up to 1800mm
We have wide range of options in colors and sizes based on customer's own design.

Suitable for all kinds of tray-sealer and automatic form-fill-seal machine.
Chips, Snack, Cookie, Instant noodle, Milk powder, Chocolate.

Suitable product range:
-Bag film
-Lid film
-PET , PVC or PP jar/container

Film material range:
-Poly film (OPP, CPP,PET, NY, LLDPE...)
-Aluminium/ Foil
-Metalized film

-Multi-layer bags combined with metalized, opaque, transparent and aluminium layers
-Flavor and aroma barriers
-High barrier properties for humidity
-Gravure (roto) printing in up to 8 colors
-Food grade materials (FDA approval)